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This is a new feature on our site and we aim to add links to this page on a weekly basis, so if you can't find a relevant link on this page or you know of a link that would be suitable, we would love to hear from you, so simply (click here) or use the ask eye 2 eye link to send us an email requesting information on any sight related topic - and we may be able to put you in touch with a support group. We promise to do our best to help you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Glaucoma Links:

International Glaucoma Association - A charity that offers advice and support for Glaucoma sufferers. Has over 14,500 members in 48 countries and campaigns for better detection methods for those at risk. Lots of information on glaucoma.

The CaF Directory- Glaucoma Support Group, a UK Based Site, working towards raising awareness of Glaucoma around the world.

Wills Glaucoma Service & Foundation To Prevent Blindness -An American based site, with a chat room for people with questions about Glaucoma, and weekly chats hosted by DR Rick Wilson, who is a specialist at the Jefferson school of medicine and the Vice president of the American Glaucoma Society

Glaucoma - Patient UK- This is a great resource site for people who suffer from Glaucoma, or are related to a Glaucoma sufferer.

Diabetes Links:

European Association for the Study of Diabetic Eye Complications - A professional site but with lots of patient information about diabetes and eye problems related to diabetes such as cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetes UK - Helps people with diabetes, and supports research into the condition.

Cataract Related Links:

Cataracts - A Useful Factsheet from the (RNIB)

Childhood Cataracts - Another useful Factsheet, which is great for concerned parents

A Factsheet from the Oxford Eye Hospital

Recommended Reading:-


By Julius Shuman


Other Useful Links:

Royal National Institute for the Blind (R.N.I.B) - The R.N.I.B, is a registered Charity, and the site is full of information for partially sighted people Events sponsored by the charity are also listed here, as well as useful information, not to mention a great FAQ page and a message board where you can post your questions. You can even make an on-line donation to this worthy cause.

You can also contact the RNIB in the following ways:

Tel. 0845-766 99 99(UK Helpline callers only)

Tel. 020-7388 1266 (switchboard/overseas callers)

Fax. 020-7388 2034 or (email them with this link)

Fight For Sight is a national charity raising funds for research into the prevention of blindness and treatment of eye disease. The charity was established in 1965 and has a history of close association with the Institute of Ophthalmology, research partner to the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Every day in the UK, 120 people lose their sight through eye disease or injury; worldwide 45 million people are blind. Fight for Sight is in the forefront of the battle against blindness.

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