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Retiring with good vision.

Retirement is the time in your life, when you have the chance to do all the things that there wasn't time to do before. It is important to remember that for maximum pleasure and satisfaction in life, your eyes are very important and should be maintained in the same way as your car of house, to keep then in peak condition.

It is wise therefore, to ensure that your eyes are healthy, and having an eye examination on a regular basis is the best and easiest way of doing this.

This isn't just because as one gets older prescriptions change more quickly; many people feel comfortable and happy wearing lenses which are not as effective as they should be. No, the true benefit of having a regular eye examination is the knowledge that your eyes are healthy and working efficiently. It is an important preventative measure, and will improve the quality of life by preserving vision.

It is possible that despite our best efforts your eyes' efficiency may be reduced, for example by a cataract. This in itself is nothing to be alarmed about these days as cataracts can be effectively treated but, during the eye examination, its progress can be monitored and advice can be given on the best way to alleviate some of the problems.

Some physical diseases may also show their first signs in the eyes, for example high blood pressure or diabetes, and here too the eye examination plays an important role in ensuring that anything suspicious is referred for specialist medical attention.

So you see, having a regular eye examination should play an important part in your overall fitness programme to ensure that retirement, or on going working life is enjoyed to the full. For older patients, a condition called Presbyopia can also be a problem. This condition usually means that the patient needs reading glasses.

There have been wonderful developments in the variety of lenses available to help with specific tasks. We can advise on these, and their suitability for you. Lenses can be coated against glare, toughened and tinted. There are multifocal lenses, incorporating near, intermediate and distance vision prescriptions, so that you do not have to carry several pairs of spectacles around with you. Lenses can be fitted to goggles for sport or swimming. There are also many hand held magnifying devices to help with those close, fiddly jobs.

Tell us just what your problems are, and we will do our best to help. We will advise you on the merits and costs of the various aids available. If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to help towards the cost of your glasses, and if you are over sixty, and a United Kingdom citizen you will be entitled to a free sight test under the N.H.S. at any opticians. Remember, before you decide to spend your money, ask our advice.

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