Scotlands Free Sight Test Policy Benefits

The policy adopted by the Scottish Government which allows everyone registered as a Scottish resident access too FREE Sight tests is gradually starting to show The benefits of adopting the Policy according to a recent study commissioned by “The Association of Optometrists“.

According to the report the economy of Scotland has Benefited to the tune of approximately £440 Million per years since the policy was introduced though-out the country in 2006. The Report discovered that the increase in uptake of the Free Sight test also revealed an uplift in the Number of Treatable Eye conditions which ultimately also reduces the cost of future treatments due to the early detection of the problem.

The report stated that additional 285,000 people had an eye examination per Year and of those 2600 had previously undetected eye conditions diagnosed with 1900 of those benefiting directly because the eye conditions were remedied.

David Craig of the “Association of Optometrists” suggested that the Department of health in London should take note of these impressive results. suggesting that should be made to happen in England.

The Report estimated that the Annual Financial gain of the Scottish Policy would be value for the money for Taxpayers because of the reduction in cost of treatments needed in England where detection rates are much lower resulting in higher cost to the NHS due to the late or even Non detection of what are apparently perfectly treatable conditions if detected early enough.