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 Welcome To Eye 2 Eye for all of  your optical needs, supplying you with frames, lenses and answers to all of your Optical questions right here on this web site.

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 This Web site has been designed with the aim of offering useful information on Optics in general. There are areas in the web site where you can find out about your N.H.S. entitlement, looking after your spectacles, our latest special offers, and Optical goods and Designer Sunglasses which you can purchase on line through our secure order form. You will also find a full A to Z Glossary of Eye conditions and diseases which gives information in either simple terms, or by clicking onto the available links, full and graphic explanations.

We are an Independent Family Practice and yet are able to offer many services which one would only expect from a large Multi National group.

EYE 2 EYE OPTICIANS was opened in January 1985 and we believe that our Practice was the first Opticians practice in England to have open fronted access directly on to a shopping mall giving the public the opportunity to walk directly in and browse around the open frame displays. Since these early days we have been in the forefront of innovation within the Optical retail sector in England.

Eye 2 Eye opticians Middleton Manchester M24 4EL

Eye 2 Eye opticians Middleton

We are  in the forefront of modern technology in using the very latest methods of communication. You are at this moment in time reading this text whilst on our Web site which we believe was one of the first Opticians Web sites in the World.  It contains a wealth of information and advice  in one single Web site.

Our in Practice services include a 1 hour Glazing service for single vision lenses and an on the spot repair and replacement frame service should you need spectacles made up in a hurry or we can re-glaze your own old lenses into a new frame should you be unfortunate enough to damage your old frames. We can also make up new spectacles using prescriptions from other Opticians.

We can also supply prescription spectacles, sunglasses and Sports Spectacles direct ON-Line through our secure order system which you will find within the Sport spectacles sites which you can find by pressing the appropriate tab at the bottom section of the screen.

At  Eye-2-Eye Opticians we are committed to providing the highest standards of Professional eyecare service and products. To be sure that this quality of service is passed on to the customer we ensure that all the members of our team are kept up to date with the latest developments in lens and Frame technology and any other new products which we feel will be of benefit to anyone who visits our Practice or indeed our Web site.

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