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The Reception

At the reception you can book your Sight test or ask for advise on benifits entitlement or enquire about any of our other services. For example you may wish to learn about the latest special offers available, or need advice on the best type of lenses for your particular requirements.
At the reception we will be able either answer your questions or introduce you to another member of staff who may be better qualified to answer your questions. We are here to help!!

The Frame Displays


At Eye 2 Eye you will find frames to meet every need. We have a selection FREE frames available when you purchase your lenses from us, to high fashion Designer label frames such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Morgan, and many others. We also have the largest selection of NEOSTYLE and MOZART high quality Frames in the North of England. These high quality frames are available in titanium and stainless steel, and we also have in stock frames with solid 24 carat Gold trims. if you want something different and to the very highest of quality then NEOSTYLE Frames can fill that need.


Antony awaits you in the Sight examination room. He will put you at your ease with his friendly, yet efficient manner. All Sight examinations will be carried out according to the rules laid down by the General Optical council. At the end of the sight examination you will be advised of the result of the test and issued with a prescription with recomendations as to whether Spectacles are required or not.


Following your Sight test, should you need spectacles, the optometrist who tested your Eyes will bring you to the Dispensing area and introduce you to one of our Optical Dispensers who, following the recomendations of the Optometrist, will advise you of the lenses which are best suited to your requirements. As we are an independant Opticians we can supply lenses from many different Lens manufacturers. This means that we can recomend the Best lenses for you, without being restricted to where we have to obtain them from.

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